MOFGA CertifiedWe are very proud to have been Certified Organic in May 2016 by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA).

Organic farming is much more than just “no pesticides”. It is about maintaining a balanced and integrated system of healthy soils and plants, crop rotations, companion plantings, beneficial insects and mechanical weed control.

The certification process requires the farmer to provide detailed information about everything that goes into producing our products:

  • land location, size and history
  • seed, seedlings and perennials purchased
  • field activity such as amendments, crop rotation, planting dates
  • receipts for purchased inputs
  • harvest and sales records

After reviewing our inch thick application notebook, an inspector came to the farm to verify the information we had submitted. He observed our fields and buildings, reviewed our records and asked questions about our procedures. The inspection process will continue on an annual basis, with the visits occurring at varying times in the growing season.

So in addition to driving the tractor and working in dirt, there is also some desk time required.